Fossil Free UvA/HvA

Fossil Free UvA/HvA is part of the global organisation The message is simple: We currently have more fossil fuels in stock then we can burn if we want a healthy climate. Investing in more fossil fuels or in the fossil fuel industry is a bad investment both financially and morally (a problem also known as the Carbon Bubble). We of fossil free therefor urge public institutions such as our own University of Amsterdam to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

Here at the UvA and HvA we currently have a petition running focussing on more sustainability in our curriculum, energy positive buildings and a Green Office for the HvA. Although these subject divert slightly from our global goal, these topics are alive and kicking at our educational institutions and our actions are needed to make them a reality. Besides our petition we also organize events to spread the divestment story. We let our self be heard through creative action, thus collecting the attention and voice of the students.

If you are in for some action yourself, just send us a message to our facebook page. You can also become active at the national campaigns on Culture, Pensionfunds or Education. You can learn more about that here