UvA Green Office

The University of Amsterdam Green Office is a student-run organization that turns students’ ideas for a more sustainable university into reality. Working in collaboration with students and staff we are the central hub for ideas, projects and conversations regarding sustainability at the university.

Being based on rootAbility’s Green Office Model, the UvA Green Office aims to make the university more sustainable. This is done through projects and awareness campaigns in the fields of education, research, campus, policy and community. Next to this, the Green Office aims to contribute to the education and empowerment of UvA students. By working on sustainability projects, students learn real-life skills and are enabled as society’s potential change-makers in the field of sustainable development. In addition, the Green Office provides a platform for discussion, collaboration, and creativity aimed at solving challenging issues at the university, such as sustainable consumer choices, energy efficiency, recycling and more.

Do you have any questions or would you like to contribute yourself? Do not hesitate to contact us through Facebook or by sending an email.