Every month we hold drinks with all the sustainable organisations at the UvA. Come join Green UvA Platform, UvA Green Office, SFSA, Fossil Free UvA and JMA UvA at crea café for a drink and some nacho’s. Here, you can meet up with other people who care about sustainability. We’ll tell you about the latest developments at the UvA and fun projects which are happening right now. Maybe something sparks your attention and you decide to join a project. Maybe you want to volunteer at one of our organisation. Or maybe, who knows, are you a new board member in the making. Another possibility is that you are just having a nice chat with like-minded people while drinking a beer at crea. Either way, we’d love to see you there!


LINK brings students to the city and the city to the student. It's a series of events where students and local sustainable initiatives come together to brainstorm on problems encountered by these initiatives. The LINK event are always centred around theme’s like energy, circular economy or sustainable food production on which a speaker will give an engaging lecture. After the introduction of the theme, the three initiatives will explain their problem and the participants will spread out to brainstorm on the possibilities.